How To Fix Concrete Crack On The Driveway & Wall?

How To Fix Concrete Crack On The Driveway & Wall?
05 Nov 2019

Concrete cracks are common. They can be found in most of the old buildings. If you are planning to sell your property then definitely inspect your property by Pest And Building Inspection team. Any kind of concrete creak is identified as the inspection service. After that, experts can easily fill the cracks by using some techniques.

Fix A Concrete Crack On The Driveway

Gather All Tools And Supplies: Before starting the crack filling operation, they generally gather all the tools and supplies. Some common crack filling supplies are waterproof compound, wire brush, vacuum cleaner and putty knife

Clean The Hairline Cracks: After gathering all tools, experts start cleaning the cracks by using a wire brush. It helps to remove all kinds of surface dust, debris and small particles. Then they vacuum the surface by using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming helps to remove all excess germs.

Apply The Waterproofing Compound: When experts have cleaned all the surface, they apply a crack repairing compound on the cracks by using a caulk gun. After applying the compound, they make it smoother with the help of a putty knife. The compound takes 5 to 6 hours to dry completely.

Sealing A Concrete Crack In A Wall

Gather All Tools And Supplies: Just like the previous process, experts gather all essential crack filling tools such as cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner, injection ports, pliers, crack filling compound, hack saw etc.

Clean The Dust And Debris: In this step, professionals remove the surface dust by using a wire brush. They properly clean the hairline cracks and holes. After that, experts start eliminating the excess dust and tiny particle from the cracks. For cleaning, they generally use an advanced vacuum cleaner.

Place Injection Ports: Once they have cleaned the cracked surface, they start installing the injecting ports. The ports are generally made of plastic. At first, they unwrap the ports from the package then place the bottom parts of the ports on the cracked surface properly. After that, experts take out all attaching nails from the ports by using wire pliers.

Apply The Epoxy Compound: In this step, they start applying the epoxy compound on the injection ports and cracked surface. Then, they spread it properly by using a putty knife. After 5 to 6 hours later, insert another epoxy compound into the lowest nozzle of the injection port. The process is almost done. After 4 to 5 days, experts cut the nozzles by using a hack saw.

In this way, they can fill the concrete cracks on the driveway and walls. Before selling your property, removing all types of cracks and damages is highly essential. Otherwise, you will never get a better resale value.

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