About Us

About Us

Knowing as much as you can about the condition of the property before you buy will help you avoid problems and extra costs down the track. The best way of doing this is to get a pre-purchase property inspection report. Rapid Pest & Building Pty Ltd are experts and know that the purchase of your home is depending on them to give you the right advise about the property.

What is a pre-purchase property inspection report?

About Us The pre purchase report is the one you get before you buy a property. Sometimes referred to as a standard property report & a pre-purchase property inspection report is a written account of the condition of a property. It will tell you about any significant building defects or problems such as rising damp, movement in the walls (cracking), safety hazards or a faulty roof to name a few. It will also identify any activity of termites, borer or wood rot,It is usually carried out before you exchange sale contracts so you can identify any problems with the property which, if left unchecked, could prove costly to repair.

Note: A building inspection report is different to a 'pest inspection report'. While a building inspection report should identify any visual damage that may have been caused by termites, it usually won't include the existence of termites or other timber destroying pests. It is certainly advisable to get both pest and building inspections done before you buy a property.

Why do I need one?

There are three good reasons why you should get a pre purchase inspection report done before you buy a property:

  • so you will know in advance what the problems are
  • so you can use the information to try and negotiate a lower price for the property i.e. you may have to pay to repair some of the problems
  • so you can get specialist advice about any major problems and how they will affect the property over time.

Of course, the pre purchase inspection report will be one of many things you will need to consider before buying a property.

Choosing the right person to inspect the property

Steve's inspections are thorough and informative and ensures the investor or owner that they have peace of mind knowing the issues relating to the property prior to their purchase, As a builder of over 30 years Steve's experience will reveal issues that the average person wouldn't see or think to look for so don't hesitate call today.

  • 24 hour turnaround from the time of inspection.
  • Professionally typed and computer generated reports.
  • Reports include photographic evidence of findings.
  • Reports include inspectors contact details for personalised service.
  • Fully Insured and Accredited inspector.
  • Efficient and reliable service.